Organization Wellness

Innovating wellness

We are a wellness consultancy that co-creates preventive and protective interventions to promote holistic well-being for young adults in Africa. We combine evidence-based psychology and social innovation tools to co-create contextualized wellness interventions.

Our Why

The modern young adult is faced with numerous challenges as they transition into adulthood. The roles and responsibilities of an adult can be overwhelming to navigate without clarity about values, strengths and support system. They can succumb to unhelpful coping strategies such as isolation, addictive behaviors that can lead to developing mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.


We envision the transition into adulthood as an opportunity to for young adults to clarify their individuality through intentional living. We co-create preventative, promotive contextualized interventions for wellbeing. We support them to develop healthy coping strategies as they navigate issues connected to identity, relationships, education and career.

Innovating wellness

We create self-awareness and clarity on self-concept, self-care and self-actualization. We walk with young adults on their self-exploration journey and support them through individual counselling, founders’ wellness coaching, wellness training and wellness centered program design consulting for organizations working with young adults.